May 2012

May 2012: Muir Lake School Professional Development Day

Day At A Glance


1. Certified Staff Meeting
2. EA Meeting
3. Early Years Meeting
4. Middle Years Meeting
5. WE Day Meeting
6. Lighthouse Team Meeting


Ipad For Teachers: Getting Started
Setting Up The Ipad For The First Time

Setting up Apple ID Without a Credit Card or Computer

iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

How to download and manage apps on iPad 2

iPad: A Tool For Teachers & Students
PSD Mobile Learning Wiki: iPad Apps
Apple Support for your iPads
PSD70 Supported Devices (Draft)

New Report Card

Kindergarten Report Card Example
Grade 4 Report Card Example
Grade 7 Report Card Example

Other Documents

1. PSD Voice: The PSD voice meetings are approaching which is an opportunity for each school to have their voice heard. We will be having representatives from our school attending these meetings to bring our feedback forward. We will take the time to answer these three questions in groups on our PD day so our representative has an accurate portrayal of our school voice. PSD Voice Feedback
2. Learning Coaches Program Expectations