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Staff Meeting Agenda

Year End Tasks

Year End Task List
Student Records Management Guide for Key Contacts/Teachers 2012-2013


MLS CCL PD Plan 2013-2014
MLS CCL Teams 2013-2014 - Feel free to remain on the same team or move to another team for the start of the year. If you would like to change teams please edit your name on the document.
MLS CCL Team Feedback 2013/2014

2013/2014 School Year Planning

MLS Teacher Schedules 2013-2014
MLS Student Schedules 2013-2014
MLS Class Coverage 2013-2014
MLS Instructional Minutes & Teacher Assignments 2013-2014
MLS Class Lists 2012-2013


Doctopus for Google Apps Step-by-Step Guide - Awesome resource for organizing and assessing student work electronically in a 1:1 learning environment.
Advent of Google Means We Must Rethink Our Approach To Education - Interesting read heading into the summer.